Why Soul Song? (Explained by Spirit)

The Soul Song is, for your purposes, a song which has hidden understanding that connects with the listener’s heart. It is designed to uplift and awaken the heart and soul. The confusion comes when you consider that the Soul of humanity is who has delivered these jewels, if you will, these crystals, that are hidden and buried within the lyrics of songs. Some not so hidden – but still dig deeper than humanity recognizes initially. Again, we say that the collective soul of humanity has buried these crystals or jewels to be discovered over time – to be revealed – to be gifted to an artist or a writer who then, on some level recognizes the significance of the lyrics, or even of the music, and then wraps it in their own understanding to deliver it. So, what on initial listening might sound like a song about two lovers – lovers in the sense of two humans coming together and expressing their love for each other – is in all actuality, a love message from the Creator to your soul, to your heart – to remind you who you really are – designed to connect with your heart space and accelerate your remembering and awakening to who you really are and why you are really here. Soul Songs work on a vibrational level. Which only makes sense because everything here is vibrational — including you and every other human, and animal, and plant that you see. Every object is a V-I-B-R-A-T-I-O-N! You are energetic, vibrational energies and the Creator, the Source, the Divine is sending little gifts, jewels, remembrances to awaken and touch your heart space – to move you into the future of who you are going to be and who you REALLY are.  Soul Song Messages: And so, we love that you have a connection, a personal connection, with many of the songs that you will present here and that there is also a message from Spirit that comes through as well. There is no right or wrong way to do this – you may present the Spirit message first, or you may present your own thoughts first. However – you do it, it will reach the right ears and connect with the right hearts in the way that you and many others planned so long ago. And so, we wish to say a “Thank you!” for moving into your purpose and would follow that up with the request that you not be so hard on yourself. Perfection is not the goal or even capable. Understand that the message is pure, the message speaks to the heart and soul, the message comes from the Creator of All, the Source of All – and is guiding you on a path that you were involved in laying out, and agreeing to be a part of, and of reminding those souls of that.

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