My Why …

My Why & Why Now

This entry in this blog will be an explanation, intention, and invitation. 

Like many of you, I have always loved beautiful music and meaningful lyrics; songs where the interpretation of the lyrics is not always what it appears to be on the surface or first listen, but rather is multi-layered. While I understand that the meaning found in some song lyrics changes based on current events, world situations, or the personal experiences of the listener.  I am usually looking for a deeper or underlying spiritual meaning from the lyrics.

I have been meditating, journaling, and receiving spiritual messages for over 25 years; it was no surprise that songs and specific lyrics were a part of some of the messages.  However, since late 2019, more and more my messages were infused with lyrics and music. So, during the summer of the CoVID-19 pandemic and the protests regarding racial disparity, I began opening to the idea/vision of this blog motivated primarily by a desire to remind the world about LOVE.

I have spent many years hiding my gifts and fearful of showing who I truly am. This seemed the perfect time to step forward and share my truth, in order to gain clarity and inspiration for myself and hopefully, along the way, inspire the readers as well.

Spirit Response:

“You worry so about what others think or will think if you allow yourself to be seen or known. Beloved, we would like to suggest or propose that you will be loved beyond measure for the information, the invitation, and the permission you will give to others to follow and to open up to what they have felt for all their lifetime. Step forward more fully into your becoming and be the example that so many others are desiring, at this time. You are a ‘wayshower‘; you are a communicator. You are the example of how easy it can be to acknowledge and love yourself, feeling no need to hide who you are, feeling no need to pretend to be what you think they want, feeling no need to dim your light to prevent them from being uncomfortable. You are a star shining bright in the sky disguising yourself as a piece of charcoal. Shake off the protective outer covering/disguise and stand in your truth. You are a star – one of the many ‘Stars In The Sky‘ and this you have always known. And now you are allowing yourself to remember and you are recognizing just how many have agreed to support you in your remembering in this lifetime. They surround you; they encourage you. They make suggestions in your dreamtime; they whisper answers in your ear. This is the LOVE of the Collective Universe, the oneness of the Universe designed to support you in your goals and dreams. And, now is the time for you to remember and support yourself and step boldly into what you desired to do and bring to the world in this lifetime. This has been a lovely sharing and we look forward to many more. Yours is a beautiful life; you have come through the difficult times, the challenges; you have and are in the process of remembering all that you are and by example you will help so many others remember who they are as well. Love is life and the more you open to it the greater the life/the living you will experience, as a result of your willingness to be who you are. We surround you in love and light and look forward to our next communication. Indeed!”

It’s time to peel back all of the layers
you’ve put between who you’re meant to be and who you are;
go be who you are!

This is your life. …

It’s time for us [you] to be for real.

You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself.
You cannot fly, until you break the shell.

You’ll be stuck on the ground until you finally break the shell.

– “Break the Shell” by India.Arie

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