Blog #7: I Want It That Way

by The Backstreet Boys One of the lessons I’m learning through this process is to release my resistance to how the information comes. I’ve been trying to force it to be somewhat linear; first receive the soul song title and sit with the lyrics for insight, then receive comments from Spirit, next comes the interpretation of the lyrics and any questions for Spirit, write and … Continue reading Blog #7: I Want It That Way

Blog #4: Home

Soul Song #4: Home Soul Song #4: “Home” – songwriter: Charlie Smalls (as performed by Stephanie Mills) Home’s Background “Home” is a song from the 1975 Broadway musical, The Wiz. It was written by Charlie Smalls and was performed by Stephanie Mills in the stage production. Charlie Smalls (October 25, 1943 – August 27, 1987) was an American composer and songwriter, best known for writing … Continue reading Blog #4: Home